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Jessore Technical and Management College (JTMC) are the institutions of the Foundation, MSAB Foundation Ltd. established in 2003 to enhance national technical vocational education and training activities at the private sector, and accordingly join the group of outstanding private BM College in the country accredited by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). Jessore Technical and বিস্তারিত...

Message From the Founder

For the interest of any nation’s socio economic development the practice of knowledge of science and technology is very much essential. For this reason it is needed science based concept among the nation. The present government has given much importance on vocational and polytechnic education at the national curriculum education. The present government has also বিস্তারিত...

JTMC Principal Message

Welcome to the Jessore Technical and Management College (JTMC) website. I hope your visit to this website will be impressive, informative, meaningful and beneficial. Jessore Technical and Management College (JTMC) was established in 2003 with the goals of providing high quality technical education and training for developing skill human resources. The objective was to meet বিস্তারিত...

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